Last-mile Delivery: Optimal Locker Location Under Multinomial Logit Choice Model

24 Feb 2020  ·  Yun Hui Lin, Dongdong He, Yuan Wang, Loo Hay Lee ·

One innovative solution to the last-mile delivery problem is the self-service locker system. Motivated by a real case in Singapore, we consider a POP-Locker Alliance who operates a set of POP-stations and wishes to improve the last-mile delivery by opening new locker facilities. We propose a quantitative approach to determine the optimal locker location with the objective to maximize the overall service provided by the alliance. Customer's choices regarding the use of facilities are explicitly considered. They are predicted by a multinomial logit model. We then formulate the location problem as a multi-ratio linear-fractional 0-1 program and provide two solution approaches. The first one is to reformulate the original problem as a mixed-integer linear program, which is further strengthened using conditional McCormick inequalities. This approach is an exact method, developed for small-scale problems. For large-scale problems, we propose a Suggest-and-Improve framework with two embedded algorithms. Numerical studies indicated that our framework is an efficient approach that yields high-quality solutions. Finally, we conducted a case study. The results highlighted the importance of considering the customers' choices. Under different parameter values of the multinomial logit model, the decisions could be completely different. Therefore, the parameter value should be carefully estimated in advance.

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Optimization and Control