$L_{2,\mathbb{Z}} \otimes L_{2,\mathbb{Z}}$ does not embed in $L_{2,\mathbb{Z}}$

11 Mar 2016  ·  Brownlowe Nathan, Sørensen Adam P W ·

For a commutative ring $R$ with unit we investigate the embedding of tensor product algebras into the Leavitt algebra $L_{2,R}$. We show that the tensor product $L_{2,\mathbb{Z}}\otimes L_{2,\mathbb{Z}}$ does not embed in $L_{2,\mathbb{Z}}$ (as a unital $*$-algebra)... We also prove a partial non-embedding result for the more general $L_{2,R} \otimes L_{2,R}$. Our techniques rely on realising Thompson's group $V$ as a subgroup of the unitary group of $L_{2,R}$. read more

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Rings and Algebras Operator Algebras