Juntas in the $\ell^{1}$-grid and Lipschitz maps between discrete tori

17 Aug 2015  ·  Benjamini Itai, Ellis David, Friedgut Ehud, Keller Nathan, Sen Arnab ·

We show that if $A \subset [k]^n$, then $A$ is $\epsilon$-close to a junta depending upon at most $\exp(O(|\partial A|/(k^{n-1}\epsilon)))$ coordinates, where $\partial A$ denotes the edge-boundary of $A$ in the $\ell^1$-grid. This is sharp up to the value of the absolute constant in the exponent... This result can be seen as a generalisation of the Junta theorem for the discrete cube, from [E. Friedgut, Boolean functions with low average sensitivity depend on few coordinates, Combinatorica 18 (1998), 27-35], or as a characterization of large subsets of the $\ell^1$-grid whose edge-boundary is small. We use it to prove a result on the structure of Lipschitz functions between two discrete tori; this can be seen as a discrete, quantitative analogue of a recent result of Austin [T. Austin, On the failure of concentration for the $\ell^{\infty}$-ball, preprint]. We also prove a refined version of our junta theorem, which is sharp in a wider range of cases. read more

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