Influence of the seed in affine preferential attachment trees

31 Oct 2018  ·  Marchand David Corlin, Manolescu Ioan ·

We study randomly growing trees governed by the affine preferential attachment rule. Starting with a seed tree $S$, vertices are attached one by one, each linked by an edge to a random vertex of the current tree, chosen with a probability proportional to an affine function of its degree... This yields a one-parameter family of preferential attachment trees $(T_n^S)_{n\geq|S|}$, of which the linear model is a particular case. Depending on the choice of the parameter, the power-laws governing the degrees in $T_n^S$ have different exponents. We study the problem of the asymptotic influence of the seed $S$ on the law of $T_n^S$. We show that, for any two distinct seeds $S$ and $S'$, the laws of $T_n^S$ and $T_n^{S'}$ remain at uniformly positive total-variation distance as $n$ increases. This is a continuation of Curien et al. (2015), which in turn was inspired by a conjecture of Bubeck et al. (2015). The technique developed here is more robust than previous ones and is likely to help in the study of more general attachment mechanisms. read more

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