Homothetic tube model predictive control with multi-step predictors

12 Sep 2023  ·  Danilo Saccani, Giancarlo Ferrari-Trecate, Melanie N. Zeilinger, Johannes Köhler ·

We present a robust model predictive control (MPC) framework for linear systems facing bounded parametric uncertainty and bounded disturbances. Our approach deviates from standard MPC formulations by integrating multi-step predictors, which provide reduced error bounds. These bounds, derived from multi-step predictors, are utilized in a homothetic tube formulation to mitigate conservatism. Lastly, a multi-rate formulation is adopted to handle the incompatibilities of multi-step predictors. We provide a theoretical analysis, guaranteeing robust recursive feasibility, constraint satisfaction, and (practical) stability of the desired setpoint. We use a simulation example to compare it to existing literature and demonstrate advantages in terms of conservatism and computational complexity.

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Optimization and Control Systems and Control Systems and Control