Graded $r$-Submodules

13 Aug 2020  ·  Alraqad Tariq, Saber Hicham, Abu-Dawwas Rashid ·

Let $G$ be a group with identity $e$ and $R$ a commutative $G$-graded ring with a nonzero unity $1$. In this article, we introduce the concepts of graded $r$-submodules and graded special $r$-submodules, which are generalizations for the notion of graded r-ideals... For a nonzero $G$-graded $R$-module $M$, a proper graded $R$-submodule $K$ of $M$ is said to be graded $r$-submodule (resp., graded special $r$-submodule) if whenever $a\in h(R)$ and $x\in h(M)$ such that $ax\in K$ with $Ann_{M}(a)=\{0\}$ (resp., $Ann_{R}(x)=\{0\}$), then $x\in K$ (resp., $a\in (K:_{R}M)$). We study various properties of graded $r$-submodules and graded special $r$-submodules, and we give several illustration examples of these two new classes of graded modules. read more

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Rings and Algebras Commutative Algebra