Geometric planted matchings beyond the Gaussian model

26 Mar 2024  ·  Lucas da Rocha Schwengber, Roberto Imbuzeiro Oliveira ·

We consider the problem of recovering an unknown matching between a set of $n$ randomly placed points in $\mathbb{R}^d$ and random perturbations of these points. This can be seen as a model for particle tracking and more generally, entity resolution. We use matchings in random geometric graphs to derive minimax lower bounds for this problem that hold under great generality. Using these results we show that for a broad class of distributions, the order of the number of mistakes made by an estimator that minimizes the sum of squared Euclidean distances is minimax optimal when $d$ is fixed and is optimal up to $n^{o(1)}$ factors when $d = o(\log n)$. In the high-dimensional regime we consider a setup where both initial positions and perturbations have independent sub-Gaussian coordinates. In this setup we give sufficient conditions under which the same estimator makes no mistakes with high probability. We prove an analogous result for an adapted version of this estimator that incorporates information on the covariance matrix of the perturbations.

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