Formation Shape Control Based on Distance Measurements Using Lie Bracket Approximations

27 Jun 2018  ·  Suttner Raik, Sun Zhiyong ·

We study the problem of distance-based formation control in autonomous multi-agent systems in which only distance measurements are available. This means that the target formations as well as the sensed variables are both determined by distances... We propose a fully distributed distance-only control law, which requires neither a time synchronization of the agents nor storage of measured data. The approach is applicable to point agents in the Euclidean space of arbitrary dimension. Under the assumption of infinitesimal rigidity of the target formations, we show that the proposed control law induces local uniform asymptotic stability. Our approach involves sinusoidal perturbations in order to extract information about the negative gradient direction of each agent's local potential function. An averaging analysis reveals that the gradient information originates from an approximation of Lie brackets of certain vector fields. The method is based on a recently introduced approach to the problem of extremum seeking control. We discuss the relation in the paper. read more

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Dynamical Systems