Finite W-algebras for gl_N

10 May 2016  ·  De Sole Alberto, Kac Victor G., Valeri Daniele ·

We study the quantum finite W-algebras W(gl_N,f), associated to the Lie algebra gl_N, and its arbitrary nilpotent element f. We construct for such an algebra an r_1 x r_1 matrix L(z) of Yangian type, where r_1 is the number of maximal parts of the partition corresponding to f. The matrix L(z) is the quantum finite analogue of the operator of Adler type which we introduced in the classical affine setup. As in the latter case, the matrix L(z) is obtained as a generalized quasideterminant... It should encode the whole structure of W(gl_N,f), including explicit formulas for generators and the commutation relations among them. We describe in all detail the examples of principal, rectangular and minimal nilpotent elements. read more

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Representation Theory Mathematical Physics Mathematical Physics Quantum Algebra Rings and Algebras