Faith's problem on R-projectivity is undecidable

28 Oct 2017  ·  Trlifaj Jan ·

In \cite{F}, Faith asked for what rings $R$ does the Dual Baer Criterion hold in Mod-$R$, that is, when does $R$-projectivity imply projectivity for all right $R$-modules? Such rings $R$ were called right testing... Sandomierski proved that if $R$ is right perfect, then $R$ is right testing. Puninski et al.\ \cite{AIPY} have recently shown for a number of non-right perfect rings that they are not right testing, and noticed that \cite{T2} proved consistency with ZFC of the statement {\lq}each right testing ring is right perfect{\rq} (the proof used Shelah's uniformization). Here, we prove the complementing consistency result: the existence of a right testing, but not right perfect ring is also consistent with ZFC (our proof uses Jensen-functions). Thus the answer to the Faith's question above is undecidable in ZFC. We also provide examples of non-right perfect rings such that the Dual Baer Criterion holds for {\lq}small{\rq} modules (where {\lq}small{\rq} means countably generated, or $\leq 2^{\aleph_0}$-presented of projective dimension $\leq 1$). read more

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