Extracting coherent sets in aperiodically driven flows from generators of Mather semigroups

28 Mar 2024  ·  Robin Chemnitz, Maximilian Engel, Péter Koltai ·

Coherent sets are time-dependent regions in the physical space of nonautonomous flows that exhibit little mixing with their neighborhoods, robustly under small random perturbations of the flow. They thus characterize the global long-term transport behavior of the system. We propose a framework to extract such time-dependent families of coherent sets for nonautonomous systems with an ergodic driving dynamics and (small) Brownian noise in physical space. Our construction involves the assembly and analysis of an operator on functions over the augmented space of the associated skew product that, for each fixed state of the driving, propagates distributions on the corresponding physical-space fibre according to the dynamics. This time-dependent operator has the structure of a semigroup (it is called the Mather semigroup), and we show that a spectral analysis of its generator allows for a trajectory-free computation of coherent families, simultaneously for all states of the driving. Additionally, for quasi-periodically driven torus flows, we propose a tailored Fourier discretization scheme for this generator and demonstrate our method by means of three examples of two-dimensional flows.

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Dynamical Systems Numerical Analysis Numerical Analysis 37C30, 34D09, 65P99