Extended Rearrangement inequalities and applications to some quantitative stability results

28 Sep 2015  ·  Lemou Mohammed ·

In this paper, we prove a new functional inequality of Hardy-Littlewood type for generalized rearrangements of functions. We then show how this inequality provides {\em quantitative} stability results of steady states to evolution systems that essentially preserve the rearrangements and some suitable energy functional, under minimal regularity assumptions on the perturbations... In particular, this inequality yields a {\em quantitative} stability result of a large class of steady state solutions to the Vlasov-Poisson systems, and more precisely we derive a quantitative control of the $L^1$ norm of the perturbation by the relative Hamiltonian (the energy functional) and rearrangements. A general non linear stability result has been obtained in \cite{LMR} in the gravitational context, however the proof relied in a crucial way on compactness arguments which by construction provides no quantitative control of the perturbation. Our functional inequality is also applied to the context of 2D-Euler system and also provides quantitative stability results of a large class of steady-states to this system in a natural energy space. read more

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Analysis of PDEs