Existence of localizing solutions in plasticity via geometric singular perturbation theory

31 Jul 2016  ·  Min-Gi Lee, Athanasios Tzavaras ·

Shear bands are narrow zones of intense shear observed during plastic deformations of metals at high strain rates. Because they often precede rupture, their study attracted attention as a mechanism of material failure... Here, we aim to reveal the onset of localization into shear bands using a simple model developed from viscoplasticity. We exploit the properties of scale invariance of the model to construct a family of self-similar focusing solutions that capture the nonlinear mechanism of shear band formation. The key step is to de-singularize a reduced system of singular ordinary differential equations and reduce the problem into the construction of a heteroclinic orbit for an autonomous system of three first-order equations. The associated dynamical system has fast and slow time scales, forming a singularly perturbed problem. The geometric singular perturbation theory is applied to this problem to achieve an invariant surface. The flow on the invariant surface is analyzed via the Poincar\'{e}-Bendixson theorem to construct a heteroclinic orbit. read more

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