Equivalence of Littlewood-Paley square function and area function characterizations of weighted product Hardy spaces associated to operators

19 Jun 2017  ·  Duong Xuan Thinh, Hu Guorong, Li Ji ·

Let $L_{1}$ and $L_{2}$ be non-negative self-adjoint operators acting on $L^{2}(X_{1})$ and $L^{2}(X_{2})$, respectively, where $X_{1}$ and $X_{2}$ are spaces of homogeneous type. Assume that $L_{1}$ and $L_{2}$ have Gaussian heat kernel bounds... This paper aims to study some equivalent characterizations of the weighted product Hardy spaces $H^{p}_{w,L_{1},L_{2}}(X_{1}\times X_{2})$ associated to $L_{1}$ and $L_{2}$, for $p \in (0, \infty)$ and the weight $w$ belongs to the product Muckenhoupt class $A_{\infty}(X_{1} \times X_{2})$. Our main result is that the spaces $H^{p}_{w,L_{1},L_{2}}(X_{1}\times X_{2})$ introduced via area functions can be equivalently characterized by Littlewood-Paley $g$-functions, Littlewood-Paley $g^{\ast}_{\lambda_{1}, \lambda_{2}}$-functions, and Peetre type maximal functions, without any further assumptions beyond the Gaussian upper bounds on the heat kernels of $L_{1}$ and $L_{2}$. Our results are new even in the unweighted product setting. read more

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Classical Analysis and ODEs