Equations For Parseval's Frame Wavelets In $L^2(\R^d)$ With Compact Supports

31 Jul 2016  ·  Dai Xingde ·

Let $d\geq 1$ be a natural number and $A_0$ be a $d\times d$ expansive integral matrix with determinant $\pm 2.$ Then $A_0$ is integrally similar to an integral matrix $A$ with certain additional properties. A finite solution to the system of equations associated with the matrix $A$ will result in an iterated sequence $\{\Psi^k \chi_{[0,1)^d}\}$ that converges to a function $\varphi_A$ in $L^2(\R^d)$-norm... With this (scaling) function $\varphi_A,$ we will construct the Parseval's wavelet function $\psi$ with compact support associated with matrix $A_0.$ read more

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