Class numbers and $p$-ranks in ${\mathbb Z}_p^d$-towers

28 May 2018  ·  Wan Daqing ·

To extend Iwasawa's classical theorem from ${\mathbb Z}_p$-towers to ${\mathbb Z}_p^d$-towers, Greenberg conjectured that the exponent of $p$ in the $n$-th class number in a ${\mathbb Z}_p^d$-tower of a global field $K$ ramified at finitely many primes is given by a polynomial in $p^n$ and $n$ of total degree at most $d$ for sufficiently large $n$. This conjecture remains open for $d\geq 2$... In this paper, we prove that this conjecture is true in the function field case. Further, we propose a series of general conjectures on $p$-adic stability of zeta functions in a $p$-adic Lie tower of function fields. read more

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Number Theory Algebraic Geometry