An adaptive high-order piecewise polynomial based sparse grid collocation method with applications

9 Dec 2019  ·  Zhanjing Tao, Yan Jiang, Yingda Cheng ·

This paper constructs adaptive sparse grid collocation method onto arbitrary order piecewise polynomial space. The sparse grid method is a popular technique for high dimensional problems, and the associated collocation method has been well studied in the literature. The contribution of this work is the introduction of a systematic framework for collocation onto high-order piecewise polynomial space that is allowed to be discontinuous. We consider both Lagrange and Hermite interpolation methods on nested collocation points. Our construction includes a wide range of function space, including those used in sparse grid continuous finite element method. Error estimates are provided, and the numerical results in function interpolation, integration and some benchmark problems in uncertainty quantification are used to compare different collocation schemes.

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