A Treecode Algorithm for 3D Stokeslets and Stresslets

29 Nov 2018  ·  Lei Wang, Svetlana Tlupova, Robert Krasny ·

The Stokeslet and stresslet kernels are commonly used in boundary element simulations and singularity methods for slow viscous flow. Evaluating the velocity induced by a collection of Stokeslets and stresslets by direct summation requires $O(N^2)$ operations, where $N$ is the system size... The present work develops a treecode algorithm for 3D Stokeslets and stresslets that reduces the cost to $O(N\log N)$. The particles are divided into a hierarchy of clusters, and well-separated particle-cluster interactions are computed by a far-field Cartesian Taylor approximation. The terms in the approximation are contracted to promote efficient computation. Serial and parallel results display the treecode performance for several test cases. In particular the method has relatively simple structure and low memory usage, and this enhances parallel efficiency for large systems. read more

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