A spectral-Galerkin turbulent channel flow solver for large-scale simulations

13 Jan 2017  ·  Mikael Mortensen ·

A fully (pseudo-)spectral solver for direct numerical simulations of large-scale turbulent channel flows is described. The solver utilizes the Chebyshev base functions suggested by J. Shen [SIAM J. Sci. Comput., 16, 1, 1995], that lead to stable and robust numerical schemes, even at very large scale. New and fast algorithms for the direct solution of the linear systems are devised, and algorithms and matrices for all required scalar products and transforms are provided. We validate the solver for very high Reynolds numbers. Specifically, the solver is shown to reproduce the first order statistics of Hoyas and Jim\'{e}nez [Phys. Fluids, 18(1), 2006], for a channel flow at $Re_{\tau}=2000$. The solver is available through the open source project spectralDNS [https://github.com/spectralDNS].

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Numerical Analysis Numerical Analysis Fluid Dynamics