A Possible Solution for Hilbert's Unsolved 8th Problem: Twin Prime Conjecture

22 Aug 2017  ·  Chen Yuhsin, Ni Yensen, Chen Muyi ·

We measure whether there are numerous pairs of twin primes (hereafter referred to as twin prime pairs) according to the prime number inferred by sieve of Eratosthenes. In this study, we reveal at least three additional twin prime pairs increased as n is increased by 1, while setting (6n+5)**2 as the range for estimating twin prime pairs... As a result, we prove the Twin Prime Conjecture proposed by de Polignac in 1849. That is, there are numerous twin prime pairs, indicating that there are numerous prime number p for each natural number k by making p + 2k as prime number for the case of k = 1. read more

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General Mathematics