A new upper bound for the clique cover number with applications

22 Feb 2015  ·  Shahrokhi Farhad ·

Let $\alpha(G)$ and $\beta(G)$, denote the size of a largest independent set and the clique cover number of an undirected graph $G$. Let $H$ be an interval graph with $V(G)=V(H)$ and $E(G)\subseteq E(H)$, and let $\phi(G,H)$ denote the maximum of ${\beta(G[W])\over \alpha(G[W])}$ overall induced subgraphs $G[W]$ of $G$ that are cliques in $H$... The main result of this paper is to prove that for any graph $G$ $${\beta(G)}\le 2 \alpha(H)\phi(G,H)(\log \alpha(H)+1),$$ where, $\alpha(H)$ is the size of a largest independent set in $H$. We further provide a generalization that significantly unifies or improves some past algorithmic and structural results concerning the clique cover number for some well known intersection graphs. read more

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Combinatorics Discrete Mathematics Data Structures and Algorithms