A few remarks on invariable generation in infinite groups

22 Apr 2020  ·  Goffer Gil, Noskov Gennady A. ·

A subset $S$ of a group $G$ invariably generates $G$ if $G$ is generated by $\{ s^g(s) | s\in S\} $ for any choice of $g(s)\in G, s\in S$. In case $G$ is topological one defines similarly the notion of topological invariable generation... A topological group $G$ is said to be $\mathcal{TIG}$ if it is topologically invariably generated by some subset $S\subseteq G$. In this paper we study the problem of (topological) invariable generation for linear groups and for automorphism groups of trees. Our main results show that the Lie group $\mathrm{SL}_{2}(\mathbb{R})$ and the automorphism group of a regular tree are $\mathcal{TIG}$, and that the groups $PSL_m(K) ,m\geq 2$ are not $\mathcal{IG}$ for certain countable fields of infinite transcendence degree over the prime field. read more

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Group Theory