A covariant Stinespring type theorem for $\tau$-maps

13 Jan 2015 Trivedi Harsh

Let $\tau$ be a linear map from a unital $C^*$-algebra $\CMcal A$ to a von Neumann algebra $\mathematical B$ and let $\CMcal C$ be a unital $C^*$-algebra. A map $T$ from a Hilbert $\CMcal A$-module $E$ to a von Neumann $\CMcal C$-$\CMcal B$ module $F$ is called a $\tau$-map if $$\langle T(x),T(y)\rangle=\tau(\langle x, y\rangle)~\mbox{for all}~x,y\in E.$$ A Stinespring type theorem for $\tau$-maps and its covariant version are obtained when $\tau$ is completely positive... (read more)

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