A combinatorial model for the free loop fibration

13 Aug 2018  ·  Rivera Manuel, Saneblidze Samson ·

We introduce the abstract notion of a closed necklical set in order to describe a functorial combinatorial model of the free loop fibration $\Omega Y\rightarrow \Lambda Y\rightarrow Y$ over the geometric realization $Y=|X|$ of a path connected simplicial set $X.$ In particular, to any path connected simplicial set $X$ we associate a closed necklical set $\widehat{\mathbf{\Lambda}}X$ such that its geometric realization $|\widehat{\mathbf{\Lambda}}X|$, a space built out of gluing "freehedrical" and "cubical" cells, is homotopy equivalent to the free loop space $\Lambda Y$ and the differential graded module of chains $C_*(\widehat{\mathbf{\Lambda}}X)$ generalizes the coHochschild chain complex of the chain coalgebra $C_\ast(X).$..

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Algebraic Topology Category Theory Quantum Algebra