A hybridizable discontinuous Galerkin method on unfitted meshes for single-phase Darcy flow in fractured porous media

gridfunction/fracturedporousmedia 12 Sep 2022

We present a novel hybridizable discontinuous Galerkin (HDG) method on unfitted meshes for single-phase Darcy flow in a fractured porous media.

Numerical Analysis Numerical Analysis Computational Physics

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Lithium-Ion Battery Charging Schedule Optimization to Balance Battery Usage and Degradation

jacobazoulay/aa222_final_project 30 May 2022

This work optimizes a lithium-ion battery charging schedule while considering a joint revenue and battery degradation model.

Optimization and Control Performance

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Solving Large-Scale Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problems with Stochastic Requests

amflorio/dvrp-stochastic-requests 25 Feb 2022

Computational experiments on very large instances based on a real street network demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed methods in prescribing high-quality offline route plans and online scheduling decisions.

Optimization and Control 90B06

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Improved variants of the Hutch++ algorithm for trace estimation

davpersson/a-hutch- 22 Sep 2021

In this work, we derive an adaptive variant of Hutch++, which outputs an estimate of the trace that is within some prescribed error tolerance with a controllable failure probability, while splitting the matrix-vector products in a near-optimal way among the two phases.

Numerical Analysis Numerical Analysis 65C05, 65F30, 68W20, 68W25, 68W27, 68W40

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PROTES: Probabilistic Optimization with Tensor Sampling

andreichertkov/teneva 28 Jan 2023

We developed a new method PROTES for black-box optimization, which is based on the probabilistic sampling from a probability density function given in the low-parametric tensor train format.

Numerical Analysis Numerical Analysis

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A GNN-Guided Predict-and-Search Framework for Mixed-Integer Linear Programming

sribdcn/Predict-and-Search_MILP_method 11 Feb 2023

Mixed-integer linear programming (MILP) is widely employed for modeling combinatorial optimization problems.

Optimization and Control

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XTrace: Making the most of every sample in stochastic trace estimation

eepperly/xtrace 19 Jan 2023

The implicit trace estimation problem asks for an approximation of the trace of a square matrix, accessed via matrix-vector products (matvecs).

Numerical Analysis Numerical Analysis 65C05, 65F30, 68W20

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CUQIpy -- Part I: computational uncertainty quantification for inverse problems in Python

cuqi-dtu/cuqipy 26 May 2023

This paper introduces CUQIpy, a versatile open-source Python package for computational uncertainty quantification (UQ) in inverse problems, presented as Part I of a two-part series.

Numerical Analysis Mathematical Software Numerical Analysis 65R32, 65C20, 94A08, 65K10 G.3; I.4; G.1.0

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Numerical Analysis for Iterative Filtering with New Efficient Implementations Based on FFT

Acicone/ALIF 5 Feb 2018

Real life signals are in general non--stationary and non--linear.

Numerical Analysis

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Data-Driven Screening of Network Constraints for Unit Commitment

groupoasys/data_ieee96 24 Jan 2020

The transmission-constrained unit commitment (TC-UC) problem is one of the most relevant problems solved by independent system operators for the daily operation of power systems.

Optimization and Control

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